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The first book of Giggles In My Heart series packs a lot of wisdom into this upbeat and poetic story about overcoming fear by unraveling our thoughts and emotions.

What at first seems like a monster turns out to be something far less scary when it is brought into the light.

The reader is shown that with a little love and a few giggles, we can all face down our fears and learn to handle our emotions in more positive and healthy ways.

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AR Updates and the Wish on a STAR Directions

The first book of Giggles In My Heart series packs a lot of wisdom into this upbeat and poetic story about overcoming fear by unraveling our thoughts and emotions.

The second book of the series, Little No Horn and Shae is a story of adventure, the importance of caring for others, generosity, and love. The reader gets to ride alongside Little No Horn, a special unicorn who bravely travels to a faraway land to bring joy to a little girl’s life. Even though he is scared, he knows in his heart that he must go, because someone needs him.

The third installment, The Gift, reminds readers of the importance of belief, gratitude and appreciating what you have. Little No Horn arrives right in time to brighten Shae’s day. “A real horse is what I wish you would be.”  In this continuation of the Giggles In My Heart series, what first appears to be a big disappointment for Shae soon turns into one of the happiest moments of her life. 

The book is a must have in every family

“Giggles in My Heart couldn’t have been released at a better time. Joanette’s first book, inspired by her grandchildren, is poetic justice to what the world needs right now. The book is a must-have in every family, as it definitely takes away fear and celebrates hope as well as faith. I can’t wait to gift this book to my grandchildren.”

Judy O’Beirn
President and Founder, Hasmark Publishing International
International Best-Selling Author of Unwavering Strength Series

Why this series matters

These books are so timely and essential given the global pandemic and the amount of disruption to our lives, resulting in stress and fear. Most of our children have gone back to a massive change in their learning environment. We have felt a disruption in our daily lives and the resulting fear of the unknown.

I wrote the first book to help my granddaughter to understand that fear is a feeling that results from the thoughts she is thinking. I wanted her and all the children who will read my book to know that it is much less scary when you look at and talk about your fear than you believed it to be.   I wanted the reader to know they can replace thoughts of fear with positive actions.  Fear is replaced with feelings of joy, love, and peace when we give praise, hugs, and smiles to others.

The second book, “Little No Horn and Shae” teaches the importance of being open to opportunities to give of oneself to help others.  

“The Gift”, shows the importance of dreaming big, and never giving up on your dreams.  When it appears that the realization of a dream is impossible, it is in that moment of not giving up, a dream is fulfilled.  

These are valuable lessons for children now and throughout their life.

Praise for Giggles in My Heart…

“Joanette is a hero in my eyes. She has conquered so many goals and is a steadfast pioneer and woman of her community as an ER doctor. I admire Joanette and her wisdom, as well as her carefree spirit and ability to connect with children through the remarkable messages in her book. The first book in the series is going to awaken the giggle in your heart.”

Pashmina P.
International Best-Selling Author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy and What is A Gupsey?
M.Ed International Teaching, Framingham State University, Massachusetts


“Giggles in my Heart by Joanette Weisse is a most wondrous book. The wise, comforting words and the incredible artwork elevates it to a higher plane. This book is a priceless gift that all children everywhere in the world should be given. Please, give it to your child and to every child within your circle. Read it to them over and over again. Let the words sink firmly into their minds and hearts. Not only has the monster been vanquished, but they now know they have the power to create their own life by the thoughts they choose.”

Shaaron Fedora
International Best-Selling Author of Twigs In My Ears
and The Loneliest Teddy Bear

“What a delightful book for little ones to fill their heads with beautiful thoughts and pictures right before bed. If we fill ourselves up with love and then look at our thoughts, the good ones grow and the bad ones dissolve. Joanette delivers a powerful message for our children. Sweet dreams!”

Colleen Aynn

Author of the Feeling Friends Series

“Giggles in my Heart is not just a beautifully written and illustrated book, but a powerful tool for helping children understand and manage their fear and anxiety. Joanette Weisse’s book is an excellent story for any parent wanting to help their children learn not how to overcome an individual fear, but the concept of fear itself. It can help children gain emotional understanding and intelligence about fear and magnificently highlights how frightening and real it can be whilst keeping the tone of the book light and engaging. I look forward to reading more from this fantastic ER doctor!”

Charlotte Taylor
International Best-Selling Author of My Special Powers of the Universe