How Do Children Learn?

As a physician and author, I have many opportunities to talk with parents, kids, and teachers.   A common theme is how can I best address the anxiety, uncertainty, and even fear that results from the disruption in the way our children learn because of the pandemic and COVID-19.

I’ve published a series of children’s books for young children age 3 to 8.  In my first book “Giggle In My Heart”  I teach healthy and positive ways to deal with fear.  This book teaches children how to deal with the fear of the unknown and the resulting stress and anxiety.  In the other books in the series, a magical creature teaches children how to recognize and understand their emotions.

I would love to read and share a book or books with your classroom in a virtual setting.  After I share a book with your classroom.  I can spend some time answering questions and have a discussion with the children about their fears or any other concerns.  I will give them suggestions and ideas for dealing with the negative feelings of fear in a more positive and constructive way.

Coming in early 2020 is a done for teachers and educator’s toolkit for use in the language and theatre arts based on the characters and concepts taught in my books.  If you would like more information fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

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